AGKaizen Sdn Bhd

Superior Quality Fertilizer Supplier In Malaysia

We supply high-efficacy fertilizers in wide varieties to our large network of distributors throughout Southeast Asia.

About Us

As the leading provider of fertilisers in Malaysia, AGKaizen offers premium fertilisers to landowners farming cash crops such as fruits, vegetables, and palm oil through our vast distribution network.

With our long-standing reputation as a reliable industry member, we bring cutting-edge solutions to the forefront as the official distributor of Japan Vietnam Fertiliser (JVF) in Malaysia.

AGKaizen focuses on quality, sustainability, and customer pleasure in order to enable farmers of all sizes to get remarkable outcomes and propel agricultural prosperity in Malaysia.

What Are Our Fertilizers Catered For?

We pride ourselves in offering fertilisers designed to increase your cash crop yield. Get to know more about our products.

Oil Palm





Our Partners

AGKaizen is proudly announced as the sole distributor of Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company (JVF), the only Japanese-made fertilizer provider in Malaysia


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